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Ad hoc training to suit each professional role from technical to commercial, so that “theory” is combined with “practice”!

Our courses are practical and straight answers to the everyday problems of professionals.

We are able to manage all aspects of a training event (teaching coordination, support material, coffee break, business lunches etc.).

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The Group Unilab

For more than 25 years UNILAB has been placing its extensive technical, scientific and IT knowledge and experience of high quality software programming at clients’ disposal.

Our close attention to the evolution of national and international markets and the priority given to our clients’ needs has allowed our company to grow and consolidate our success in the field of standard and customized high quality software programming.

UNILAB has a strong technical background which allows us to offer  “turnkey”  software and also engineering consulting.

Research & Innovation: the keys to our success!

The key factors in our success have been the continuous improvement of performance, product quality, customer service and constant investment in Research & Development and New Resources.


Try It, it’s Easy!

Easy is Unilab Software for the automatic circuits of coils heat exchangers. UNILAB EASY is a specific & independent application that collects all necessary constructive information of a finned coil heat exchanger and lets you do the automatic creation of circuits. This software allows to create all the necessary information for the constructive design of the elements of a […]

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Sometimes, for many reasons, you need to build coils which have parts with different fin pitches. This technical solution can be adopted, for example, when you need to ensure a perfect airflow distribution trough the battery in particular applications…

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Kyung Dong – What can increase sales

Being a worldwide known trademark brings challenges and responsibilities. Discover what helped Kyung Dong increase sales and keep their strong identity, thanks to a Customized Unilab Solution.

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