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The Right Heat Transfer Software for your Unit

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Unilab Tower Suite
Evaporative Condenser

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Join over 300 manufacturers in more than 60 countries

Welcome to UNILAB

Unilab SRL is a Heat Transfer Software Development Company with 30 years’ of experience in the HVAC&R market.

We provide cutting-edge technologies such as Heat Exchanger Design Software and Selection Software to HVAC&R manufacturers worldwide.

On our website, you will find documentation about our Engineering Software Products, Tutorials, Case Studies written in collaboration with our longstanding customers’, and Articles about Thermodynamics, Engineering, and HVAC Market Insights.

30 Years of Engineering Solutions

Unilab Srl is the excellent partner for


Heat Exchanger Manufacturers

operating in the following markets: HVAC and Refrigeration, Energy and Power, Food and Beverages and Automotive.

HVAC Equipment Manufacturers

including Chillers and Heat Pumps, Close Control Units, Air Handling Units, Fancoil Units, Remote Condensers, Dry Coolers, Brine Coolers, DX Units, etc.

New Refrigerants

We share your values, especially when it comes to the environment. We are updating all of our 30 software products with the new REFPROP 9.1 library which includes new refrigerants like R449A, R1234yf, R1234ze, R32 and many others.


Find the right product for me