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EASY is a specific & independent application that collects all the necessary constructive information relating to the Coils Heat Exchanger and allows the automatic creation of circuits.

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According to the number of circuits, the software proposes one or more layout solutions. It is able to handle skipped tubes, bends and U-bolts. It includes the tools to create, save or load patterns manually. It also features useful hints with suggestions to guide the end user in the creation of the circuit. The user can also save circuit patterns in the archive for quick retrieval. Finally, after having clicked on the creation of the automatic circuit and having visualized the many automatic circuit solutions proposed, now the user has the possibility of manually modifying the circuits’ patterns found automatically!


Essential for building coil heat exchangers (frame & manifolds), very useful for the Production Dept. (calculation of cost and weight), Easy allows to create and export metal sheet drawings for the production! A fundamental feature also allows the user to create a Bill of Materials, exportable in Excel format, also with the number of hairpins and U-bends weights and material prices (the materials can be managed independently in the archive, also inserting prices!


With the possibility to export drawings (2D in DWG; 3D in ASCII STL, Binary STL, IGES, OBJ, STEP, Bitmap, EMF). Easy is an independent software, but is compatible with UNILAB COILS projects. Easy allows both the creation of a new project and the opening of a project from a file saved on UNILAB COILS. A third feature has been added only for COILS owners: a button inside COILS that allows the opening of the project on which you are working directly on EASY, with a click. By clicking the “Show Coil in 3D” button, COILS will save the project you are working on, and open it in EASY!

UNILAB EASY is a specific & independent application that collects all the necessary constructive information relating to a heat exchanger coil and enables the automatic creation of circuits.

  • Simplified circuit creation: just click on the tubes in sequence to create a pattern and bends
  • The pattern can be saved as a file and easily accessed with a double click, applied and automatically repeated for the whole coil
  • You can apply several different patterns at once, and the consistency of the resulting circuit is checked
  • You can save the generated circuit as a project related to the coil’s construction, so that when you need to design another similar one, the circuit can be reused
  • 3D view of the coil, with the possibility to export drawings in the widely-used CAD environment.
  • The user can now save circuits’ patterns in the archive
  • After having clicked on the creation of the automatic circuitry and having visualized the multiple automatic circuitry solutions proposed, the user now has the possibility to manually edit the circuits’ patterns found automatically.
  • Possibility to alternate tubes in series
  • The user can now generate a Bill of materials in the materials’ management
  • We introduced the design of coils with hair-pins and U-bends, with the possibility to calculate them.
  • User has now the possibility to save a frame template
  • Users can now use different materials for each part of the coil’s frame
  • Link type of manifolds 30°, 45°, 90°+90° (if not in axis)


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