Unilab Pillow

Software designed for the calculation of pillow plate heat exchangers

Unilab Pillow
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UNILAB PILLOW is the most accurate software for the design and rating of pillow plate heat exchangers inside a circular or rectangular tank, designed for batch applications.

Custom Pillow Plate Configurations

UNILAB PILLOW allows you to calculate the plate layout and the detail of the geometry used and also allows/permits the design of both single and double embossed pillow plates types.

Automatic planning of the plate design

UNILAB PILLOW allows for the design of the plate plan, including laser soldering (the soldering margin and external curb are also considered in the final calculation), and the automatic positioning of the passage dividers.

PILLOW is the ideal tool recommended by UNILAB for the daily calculation of “pillow” plate heat exchangers, especially those used in the food and beverage industry. Available in 5 modalities (heating, cooling, direct expansion, condensing and steam) PILLOW is suitable for the design of exchangers which use the batch procedure: it means that the user may always calculate the exact time needed for fluid to reach the right temperature. The new thermophysics library, available in all UNILAB software, gives you the option of adding new fluids and mixtures.

Why would you prefer UNILAB PILLOW?

Because PILLOW allows you to manage many factors, such as the calculation of the time required to cool off the fluid, the cooling capacity required and also the number and speed of agitator. The paddle diameter may be varied automatically or by manual setting. Our programs allow the user to produce charts showing heating or cooling curves, as well as to modify the units of measurement used in your project.  Thanks to the user-friendly, intuitive interface, the user can calculate the nozzles manually and also enhance the calculation with experimental data trough factors.


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