Software for the design of liquid refrigerators, heat pumps and conditioners

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Compare Units with Refrigerant Cycle Results

UNILAB SHARK is the most accurate software for the design and simulation of air/water or water/water liquid chillers & heat pumps, air conditioners, close control units, multifunctional units, condensing units, evaporating units, remote condensers and any type of special project which includes a refrigerant cycle.

Custom Geometries

IN UNILAB SHARK the designer can choose each component from a vast archive of models from bestselling manufacturers like Copeland, Bitzer, Alfa Laval, Onda, to name a few. Finally, the software will quickly identify the balance point of the system and provide detailed performance information for each component.

Accurate Calculation

UNILAB SHARK allows the calculation of the operation point of the complete unit with direct cycle, reverse refrigerant cycle, and the reverse hydraulic cycle operation point of a portion of the unit.

SHARK is a technical software developed by UNILAB and is indispensable to the thermal designer in the development of liquid coolers, heat pumps, conditioners.

With SHARK, the design of a chiller or a heat pump is intuitive and easy. In one working platform, it is possible to design a new unit for:

  • evaporators and condensers (air, plate or shell and tube)
  • compressors
  • fans (axials and centrifugals)
  • thermostatic valves.

SHARK identifies a converging point of the system giving essential information on the best solution.
In SHARK all the libraries of the exchangers, the compressors and fans are updatable: specific guides help the user with data insertion and calibration during the calculation phase.



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Characteristics of Shark

Unilab Shark includes:

  • Air or water cooled liquid chillers, with heat recovery and free cooling (single circuit, two circuits, three circuits, etc., no limit on the total number of refrigerant circuits), conditioners, close control, multifunctional units, evaporating and condensing units, remote condensers, special projects
  • A series: possibility to aggregate infinite units in a series, manually or with a procedure that automatically scans folders; possibility to remove units from the series
  • Archive of coils, geometries, plate heat exchangers, shell & tube heat exchangers, compressors (scroll, screw, alternative, etc.), fans, etc.
Shell & tubes, compressors (all types), regulators at variable flow (Variex), tubes, fluids, etc. Archive contains suppliers’ most common models. Shell & tubes: condensing inside/outside the tubes management
Screw, alternative, rotatory compressors management. Compressors scroll: standard archive contains suppliers’ most common models
Centrifugal belt/pulley, radial belt/pulley fan management
Finned coils: simulation of exchangers through UNILAB COILS mathematical model
Plate heat exchangers: standard archive contains suppliers’ most common models


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