UniSuite Coax

Software for the design of coaxial heat exchangers

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Compare Coaxial Results

UNILAB COAX is the most accurate software for the design and rating of coaxial heat exchangers.

Custom Coaxial Configurations

UNILAB COAX allows you to calculate with any geometry and tube types (smooth, radial finned, grooved).

Design From Scratch

UNILAB COAX is the only software in the world that allows the automated design of a new heat exchanger from zero (Design from Scratch) without specifying any dimensional parameters!

With UNILAB COAX, simply select the fluids, set the working conditions (temperatures and required capacity) and the desired tube model, and within a few seconds, the software will generate a number of high-efficiency heat exchangers that achieve the required capacity.

UNISUITE COAX allows you to design, rate and select Coaxial heat exchangers of the following typologies: fluid-fluid, evaporation inside/outside tubes, condensation inside/outside tubes, steam inside/outside tubes.

Why would you prefer UNISUITE COAX?

Because UNISUITE COAX is the only software in the world that allows you to design heat exchangers from scratch (oppure from the ground up se volete), without setting any dimensional paramaters. All you have to do is set the temperatures/fluid flows, required capacity, and pressure drops, and the software will automatically calculate the best combinations of external diameter, tube length, etc. in no time. Then you can just review the results before sending the output documentation straight to the appropriate department so that they can commence production immediately.

UNISUITE COAX will also generate a 1:1 scale 3D drawing of the exchanger.

UNISUITE: the unified tool for many applications

If your company builds different type of heat exchangers or desire to enrich your production range, UNISUITE is the ideal solution. To better satisfy our customers, we have integrated in the same UNISUITE platform other interesting tools: SHELL for shell and tube heat exchangers, PHE for brazed plate heat exchangers, COAX for coaxial heat exchangers and TUBE IN TUBE for tube in tube heat exchangers. Thanks to UNISUITE you may create and unify different projects using a sole software.


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