Software for the selection and estimation of dry coolers, aircoolers, remote condensers, unit coolers

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Compare Dry Coolers, Aircoolers, Remote Condensers, Unit Coolers Results

UNILAB UNIT SELECTOR HYBRID is the most accurate software for manufacturers who need to select and estimate dry coolers, aircoolers, remote condensers, or unit coolers.

Unit Generation using Preloaded Modules

Module means the insertion of a ventilation section (one or more fans), a finned packed heat exchanger section (one or more coils) and an additional section comprising the carpentry. During the calculation, the software will create the units automatically, using the preloaded modules and generation rules. By generation rules, UNILAB intends all the information needed to create the unit starting from a module.

Selection And Verify: Fast UNIT SELECTOR HYBRID Calculation

HYBRID specifically analyzes the units in the following modalities: direct expansion, pump evaporator, cooling, condensing and heating. It allows you to work both in selection and in verify. In selection mode, the user can select a range of units, while in verify mode it is possible to select a single unit only. During the calculation, it is possible to force the software to always use the nominal air flow or fan balance point. Furthermore, the calculation of the number of circuits can be done automatically. It is possible to calculate the noise from the curve of the fan. There is also the option to insert an automatic calculation of the connections.

UNIT SELECTOR HYBRID is the tool recommended by Unilab for HVAC companies which need to select and estimate dry coolers, air coolers, remote condensers and unit coolers. Available in the following calculation modalities: heating, cooling, condensing, direct expansion and pump evaporators.

Why would you prefer HYBRID?

Because HYBRID allows you to carry out a wide range of operations. For example, UNIT SELECTOR HYBRID is able to perform a selection within specified positive and negative tolerance margins and to calculate the noise directly from the fan curve. Thanks to HYBRID you can balance the program with the fan curve or with the nominal airflow and you may also calculate NH3 units. The calculation of the exchanger design uses our highly accurate software COILS.


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