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UNILAB is a 100% Italian-owned independent software house, and for over
35 years has been providing its clients with high quality Heat Transfer Software.

UNILAB’s solutions are the result of technical and scientific experience,
plus extensive IT knowledge, always at the forefront of innovation!

We are the only Software House with an In-House Thermal Engineering dept., allowing us to speak the
same language as your technical department.

Our solutions are used by over 500 Customers in more than 70 Countries!



Selection Software for your Sales Dept.

Eurovent and AHRI Certification Support

In-House Thermodynamic Engineering Dept.

Training on demand

Our Story

  • 1979

    Ing. Fucile developed the pilot calculation software for finned packed heat exchangers

  • 1987

    01Unilab was established
    Enhanced COILS 2.0, Unilab’s calculation software for coils heat exchangers (the first pilot was developed by Ing. Fucile in 1979).
    Unilab served HVAC companies, by providing combined solutions (hardware and software)
    Focus on domestic market
    Core staff: 3 people

  • 1990s

    Design and rating of the single component (suitable for coil, shell&tube, plate and brazed, coaxial, tube in tube and electrical heat exchangers)

    Launched COILS 4.0 (suitable for MS-DOS)

    Estimation of the whole unit (specific for air handling units). AHU officially created                                                                                                                 

    02bDelta Technics get Eurovent Certification by using COILS software

    Increased focus on International market

  • 2000s

    04Focus on the development of calculation software only (no longer hardware)
    Sales personnel visited the most important overseas trade exhibitions
    Major enhancement: COILS 5.0, the pilot project developed for Windows O.S.
    Friterm get Eurovent Certification by using COILS 5.5
    Core staff: 6 people

  • 2005s

    Step forward: launched COILS 6.0, available in three editions (Light, Standard, Professional)
    Developed Shark Suite (simulation software and electronical catalogue for Sales Teams)
    Developed the first selection software for fan-coil units (Fancoil Selector) and ventilated units (Units Selector)

  • 2008

    05Unilab exhibited at MCE & CHILLVENTA international trade fairs
    Major enhancement: revamp software for Electric heat exchangers
    Core staff: 8 people
    Began collaboration with Indian Sales Representative Ajay Mehndiratta
    Step forward: launched COILS 6.3 Enterprise edition (with integrated Refprop 8)
    Held conference “COILS 6.3 ENTERPRISE at NH Hotel Mantegna, Padua (Italy), an event focusing on the changes and new features in version 6.3

  • 2010

    Attended CHILLVENTA trade fairs
    Major enhancement: revamp of software for Shell&Tube heat exchangers
    Unilab business premises extended to over 300m2, including new Conference Room

  • 2011

    Exhibited at Acrex India
    Sales personnel visited Climatizacion

  • 2012

    06Attended ISK SODEX Turkey, CHILLVENTA Germany

  • 2013


    Held meeting at Unilab Headquarters to illustrate new features available in SHARK 2.5

    CAD 3D studies implemented in the selection software for air handling units

    Developed customized software for pillow plate heat exchangers (BMC, PILLOW, PCOIL), indirect electrical heaters (REIND)

    Major enhancement: created Unisuite Platform (Shell, Phe, Coax, Tube in Tube)

    Developed specific software for dehumidifier heat pumps, microchannel condensers, minichannel, plate&fin, cold storage, 3D view of the coil (CAD module), selection software for ducts

    Launched hour packages for engineering/new implementation service available on demand

    Developed Psychro App (Mollier Diagram), Cold Storage App

    Core staff: 10 people

  • 2014

    2014Held HVAC Japan, Climate World Russia, CHINA Refrigeration, CHILLVENTA
    Sales personnel visited MCE

  • 2015

    2015Attended ACHEMA – Frankfurt

    Sales personnel visited Climatizacion

    Developed EASY, the independent application for automatic circuits in coil heat exchangers

    Major enhancement: revamp of Unit Selector with pre-composed modules in .NET                                                                                                         

    2015bHeld conference “COILS 8.0 and new refrigerants” at NH Hotel Mantegna, Padua (Italy). The event was focused on the changes in version 8.0 and included a preview. Held interesting workshops where clients and potential clients could interact with the Unilab Technical Staff

    Offered engineering services on demand, for the calculation of special heat exchangers

    Attended “GRETh” Conference in Aix Les Bains (France)

  • 2016

    Major enhancement: launched COILS 8.0 with the inclusion of new refrigerants

    Began collaboration with Taiwanese Sales Representative Alex Lou

    Core staff: 13 people

    Attended Chillventa, ISK-Sodex and MCE Mostra Convegno Expocomfort.

  • 2017

    Major enhancement: new software for Evaporative Condensers and Gas Coolers

    Attended IFEMA Madrid, HSI Frankfurt, China Refrigeration, Drinktec Munich

    Unit Selector’s major release: UNIT SELECTOR HYBRID                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

    Began collaboration with Chinese Sales Representative Hunk Huang

    Our Staff also speaks Japanese and Russian!

  • 2018

    Chillventa_2 giornoUnilab participates in the 2018 editions of Climate World, MCE Mostra Convegno, China Refrigeration, Achema and Chillventa!

    Shark: ECO DESIGN and calculation model for centrifugal and inverter compressors introduced!

    X-Shark is WEB ready, and Unilab is actively involved in the development of web software projects!

    Complete overhaul of  Unilab Easy! New fundamental features!

    Tower Suite: new Evaporative Cooling module developed

    Unilab Rooftop

    Unilab acquires its first Japanese customer, MDI Corp.

    Major advancements in our Pillow Plate Software suite

  • 2019

    Unilab exhibits in the 2019 editions of Climate World Moscow and China Refrigeration Shanghai!

    Unilab participates as a visitor to Refrigera and CibusTec.

    unilab blog software scambio termico refrigera piacenza

    Unisuite gets a brand new DLL, updated with the latest available refrigerants

    Shell: introduction of Falling Film (Spray) Evaporators’ calculation mode.

    Complete overhaul of the Smart-Air structure, functionalities and offer.

    Coils gets translated in Thai & Korean.

    The Hochschule für angewandte Wissenschaften in München, now uses COILS in partnership with Unilab.

    unilab blog software scambio termico muas hochschule muenchen coils

    Unilab participates as sponsor to the 37th edition of the “UIT – Heat Transfer Conference” in Padova.

    unilab blog software scambio termico uit

  • 2020

    CHINA REFRIGERATION 2020 (set to be hosted in Wuhan) is postponed due to a Global Pandemic Outbreak.

    Despite the Pandemic, the Unilab team is able to work from the office, thanks to its new conference room, ensuring social distancing without the need of remote working

    Introduction of the Gas Cooler module in Unit Selector Hybrid

    unilab blog software scambio termico gas cooler unit selector hybrid co2

    Unilab announces partnership with DELTA ES., its South Korean representative

    UNILAB is able to participate through its Chinese Agent Mark Huang to China Refrigeration 2020, now held in Chongqing.

    unilab heat transfer software blog china refrigeration 2020

    MDI Corporation becomes Unilab’s sales representative in Japan

    unilab heat transfer software welcome mdi corporation

    The KIMM – Korea Institute of Machinery and Materials uses Unilab Software

    unilab heat transfer software blog KIMM

    All major trade fairs are postponed due to Covid Outbreak

    Unilab is present in 68 Countries in the World, reaching Uzbekistan and Azerbaijan!

  • 2021

    Unilab BREEZE, the web based selection software for Controlled Mechanical Ventilation with Heat Recovery, is launched!

    Unilab gathers his COILS related application in a unique suite. COILS SUITE includes COILS, EASY, mCOILS.

    China Refrigeration 2021 returns in Shanghai! Unilab is present with its Chinese Representative Mark Huang

    unilab heat transfer software blog china refrigeration 2021 Shanghai

    Unilab launches a crowdfunding for the new module dedicated to MICROCHANNEL EVAPORATORS!

    Unilab appoints Semih Kocahasan as US & Canada sales representative

    UNILAB participates at ACHEMA PULSE 2021, the Online edition of ACHEMA

    unilab heat transfer software blog achema 2021 pulse

    Unilab launches mCOILS WEB, it’s online browser based submittal Software for Finned Pack Heat Exchangers!

    Mcoils 1

    Unilab launches X-SHARK standard, a basic – quick to-market selection software for Chillers, Heat Pumps, Close Control units, and all refrigerant cycle units.

    Unilab participates in C&R Madrid 2021

    unilab heat transfer software blog climatizacion refrigeracion ifema madrid

  • 2022


    Unilab publishes the new version of PILLOW SUITE, with a series of articles and a publication in the magazine Heat Exchanger World.

    Unilab launches HYBRID WEB, the web version of its Unit Selector Hybrid software for Air Coolers, Unit Coolers, Dry Coolers and Remote Condensers.

    Unilab participates again to MCE 2022, the first edition after the Covid Outbreak.

    unilab heat transfer software blog mce 2022

    UNILAB launches the PHE WEB online PHE and BPHE selection software

    UNILAB participates at ACHEMA 2022 with new software for the Chemical market!

    unilab heat transfer software blog achema 2022

    Unilab launches the new COILS SUITE module LT-HT and Free Cooling

    PILLOW SUITE is updated to allow calculation of flue gas condensation outside the pillow plate bundle. The software considers latent heat (calculation of condensed water flow rate), a feature unique to our software.

    Unilab launches the new AIR to WATER HEAT PUMP simulation software

    unilab heat transfer software blog heat pumps software simulation

    Unilab participates to CHILLVENTA 2022, the first edition after the pandemic, a huge success for Unilab!

    UNILAB announces partnership with Chemours: the latest Opteon™ refrigerants are introduced into the Unilab fluid libraries


Unilab was established

in the eighties, in January 1987 to be precise. However, our passion for heat transfer has much earlier origins; the year 1979 when Ing. Fucile first developed pilot calculation software for finned packed heat exchangers.

Since 1987, Unilab has been

putting customers’ needs at the centre of our mission. Since our earliest days, we have experienced constant growth in terms of Product Catalogue and Expertise. Initially, we focused mainly on the domestic market.

We have continued to

offer advanced software solutions for the design and rating of the single component (originally coil, shell, plate, coaxial, tube in tube and electrical heat exchangers) and the estimation of the whole unit (i.e. air handling units).

  • From the mid-nineties to the early 2000s, Unilab rose through the ranks, by consolidating our international customer portfolio, visiting the most important trade exhibitions, and developing customized software solutions.

We have gradually

developed a customized electronic catalogue for the selection of the whole unit (e.g. liquid chillers, industrial heat pumps, air conditioners, fan-coil units, and ventilated units).

  • In 2008, Unilab exhibited at two major International Trade Fairs for the first time: MCE and CHILLVENTA.

Little by little,

we have increased our international presence, which has led to interesting and successful business ventures in locations such as Russia, India, Turkey, Germany, China, Japan, and Spain, through our participation in events such as Chillventa Rossjia, Acrex India, ISK Sodex, ISH Frankfurth, China Refrigeration, HVAC Japan, MCE and Climatizacion.

We have met many key players in the sector, either when they visited our booth at trade fairs, or while visiting such events ourselves, enabling us to get to know them and discover new business opportunities.

We have extended our boundaries by enhancing our top-selling software (Electric Suite, Smart Air, Coils) to embrace the latest technologies, in order to create new cutting-edge software solutions.

This innovation was the key to the development of new software (i.e. for microchannel condensers, indirect electrical heaters, dehumidifier heat pipes, and for batch processing equipment, such as pillow plate heat exchangers).

  • In 2015, Unilab thought outside the box, by attending ACHEMA – an International Trade Fair which focuses on the Chemical Engineering and Processing Industries. It proved to be a successful strategy, helping us forge links with many potential clients.

In Unilab,

In Unilab, you will find a well-qualified business partner who understands your requirements and objectives. We share your goals and speak the universal “heat transfer” language.

Thanks to our solid experience, we can offer you advanced software solutions for the design and rating of the single component (any typology of heat exchangers) or the simulation of the whole unit (i.e. liquid chillers, ventilated units, or air handling units).

Our reliable and accurate

Our reliable and accurate software makes the designer’s work much easier. Our technical and scientific experience are especially valued by our customers. We analyse and decipher their needs, and shape our findings to create tangible software solutions. We are the ideal partner when it comes to the development of customized software solutions and engineering design services.

Despite being a relatively small company (a team of 13), Unilab is capable of overcoming new challenges in order to help our clients become leaders in the new ‘niche’ markets.

We have become the trusted partner of many leading domestic and overseas companies among our 500 clients in more than 70 nations. Work with us and become part of the Unilab success story.

How to reach us:

UNILAB S.R.L. Registered office: Via Nino Bixio, 6 – 35131, Padova ITALY V.A.T. number: IT01334900287 Net Assets Euro 2.713.849,00
Registered R.E.A. number: 204909 

Tel: +39 (0)49 8763311Fax: +39 (0)49 8750196