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The finned pack heat exchanger market is changing...

Selecting technically correct and reliable heat exchangers is the first step in building a successful sales relationship with the customer. Selecting them quickly, especially in the most full-bodied tenders, also allows you to give an extremely important service to customers, and a strong advantage to your Company.

Home working has increased the need for online cloud solutions to substitute Desktop installable applications used at work.

To support the sales network in making selections as quickly and easily as possible, it becomes of crucial importance to have a tool that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and from any device (computer or tablet) with a web browser + username and password, allowing your sales network to face all market requests in the shortest possible time.



Web Browser-based Selection & Quotation Software FOR AGENTS & DISTRIBUTORS of


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Unilab, with its 35 years of experience in COILS software, has always offered Finned Pack Heat Exchanger manufacturers a unique experience in terms of calculation speed, data accuracy, and extraordinary linearity with the measured data, thanks to calibration factors. We combined our renowned Coils’ calculation engine with the immediateness and portability of a fully online selection tool for the sales network, and created mCOILS WEB.

* requires Unilab COILS (DESIGN module)

Speed Up your sales process!

The logic behind the development of mCoils WEB is simple: to provide a user-friendly selection tool for your sales network, distributors and loyal customers, with direct access, without installation files! The user will perform a calculation from your geometries. 

Having your customers make the selections means that both response times to clients and the workload of the technical team are significantly reduced, at the same time enhancing your brand and the relationship of trust with your loyal customers.

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All modes in 1 browser!

The online tool allows calculation in 6 different applications (heating, cooling, condensing, direct expansion, steam & pump evaporator), and in 2 modes:

  1. Verify mode (from your set of geometries): known the geometric and thermodynamic characteristics, the software gives the data related to the maximum performance that the coil can guarantee at the same conditions.
  2. Design mode (from your set of geometries): given a treatment to be realized, and fixed the geometric characteristics required, the software provides a list of usable solutions leaving to the customer the possibility to select the most technically suitable.

Projects can be saved online and are directly accessible at the login!


No installation required!

No need to send any setup to customers, agents, distributors. mCoils WEB is usable anywhere and from any device, because it works on a browser. This makes it independent from any operating system requirement, allowing it to work on different devices*

Access is immediate and does not require any download: just a browser, a username and password, and internet connection. Update is also made easier. Once server is updated, all users will seamlessly have the latest version.

*mCOILS Web has been tested on the most common browsers for PC and Mac, as well as on iPad and Android tablets.

Distribute it easily through your network!

No need for serial numbers: just enter your password management, and attribute a username and password to your agents or distributors!

Bundles of commercial accesses with usernames and passwords available. Administrator control panel allows you to assign or remove user and password for a specific user.

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A unique User Experience!

mCoils WEB is a simplified version of COILS, and so the ideal operational tool for distribution to sales teams, agents or clients. mCoils WEB is also full responsive, adapting itself graphically in an automatic way to the device with which it is displayed

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mCoils WEB allows you to independently manage up to a maximum of 12 geometries per calculation mode, which equals to 72 different possible combinations!


Link your version of mCOILS to your website. The software domain has your name, and can point to your website, creating a seamless experience for your users.


Already available in the following languages:

English, Italiano, Français, Deutsch, Español, 中文, 臺灣話, 日本語, Türkçe, Русский, Ελληνικά, Português, ไทย, 한국어


The standard mCOILS WEB allows  prices and quantities to be edited on-the-go, adding discounts for a quick offer. However, it is possible to elaborate pricing rules and printouts in a substantial way. Contact !

Choose Calculation Mode

From the 6 available: heating, cooling, condensing, direct expansion, steam & pump evaporator

Verify or Design & Select your Coil

Verify the coil or select the most technically suitable

Edit Prices, Quantities, & Company Info

Choose the drawing, and make a quick offer in seconds!


Print a detailed technical report with a quick offer, a great tool for sales!

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