Our unique Software designed for the calculation of Bulk Milk Tank Coolers, using the Pillow Plate Heat Exchanger Typology!

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Compare Bulk Milk Tank Cooler Results

UNILAB BMCTank is the most accurate software for the rating of pillow plate heat exchangers inside a circular or rectangular tank, designed for batch applications.

Custom BMC TANK Pillow Plates Modifications

UNILAB BMC TANK allows you to calculate the plate layout and the detail of the geometry used and also allows you to design both single and double embossed pillow plate types


Automatically Plan the Plate Design

UNILAB BMC TANK allows the plate design plan including laser soldering (the soldering margin and external curb are also considered in the final calculation), the automatic positioning of the passage dividers.

BMCTank is our new tool recommended for food processing equipment, especially useful for the pasteurization of milk in the dairy industry. This application supports both rectangular and circular tanks and it can design or rate the select “pillow” plate exchangers in two different modalities: direct expansion and glycol. The interface is user-friendly, allowing you to select the nozzles automatically, change units of measurement during the design stage, correct experimental data using pre-determined parameters and compare data against various graphic charts which are included.

Why would you prefer UNILAB BMCTank?

Because BMC is a superior solution for applications required in the food and beverage industry, which need to  comply with the ENV328 regulations, allowing for up to 4 milkings. Thanks to BMCTank, it is possible to monitor the required milk cooling time constantly and the maximum cooling capacity required for the batch process. With BMCTank you can also calculate the number and speed of the agitators and the diameter relative to the paddles used. To better satisfy our customers, we have added a new fluids library, present in all our software, which allows the user to add new fluids and mixtures at any time. There are no limitations on the design of the refrigerant plate, so you can calculate a plate subdivided into multiple refrigerant circuits or passages.


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