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Unilab Microchannel

The best Software to size Microchannel Condensers and EVAPORATORS!

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Compare Microchannel Results

UNILAB Microchannel is the most accurate software for the design of compact heat exchangers where the hydraulic diameter of every tube is lower than or equal to 2 mm.

Custom Geometries and fins

UNILAB Microchannel allows you to calculate with any plate and bar geometries and fins such as multilouvered, plain, wavy, offset strip.

Number of Passes Definition

UNILAB MICROCHANNEL provides the possibility to define the number of passes (up to a maximum of 10) and for each of these, the tube distribution so as to improve the heat transfer coefficient.

MICROCHANNEL is a revolutionary new software from UNILAB for the design of condensers of refrigerant fluids in microchannel (compact heat exchangers where the multiport diameter is lower than 2 mm).

Why would you prefer UNILAB MICROCHANNEL?

Compact heat exchangers, particularly popular in the AUTOMOTIVE and HVAC fields, are lighter than traditional condensers: a feature that allows considerable savings, both in terms of cost and size. MICROCHANNEL condensers are high performance exchangers. Despite their reduced dimensions, they enable higher global heat transfer coefficients.

Thanks to MICROCHANNEL the end user can define the multiport and the different types of fins used in microchannel condensers. By following a simple and intuitive procedure, the user can define the number of passes (up to a maximum of 10), thereby improving tube distribution for each pass and also the global heat transfer coefficient. This new software allows for an analysis of the various phases: deoverheating, condensing and sub-cooling. This is possible thanks to the use of local equations, that takes into account the quality (data lower than 0 and data higher than 1).

MICROCHANNEL offers the option to consider other types of gases (not only air) in the airside.



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