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The software to design & rate Heat Exchangers composed by Pillow Plates arranged side by side & inserted in a frame!

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Compare PCOIL Results

UNILAB PCOIL is the most accurate software for the design and rating pillow plate heat exchangers arranged side by side inside a frame.

Custom PCOIL Plate Configuration

UNILAB PCOIL allows the user to calculate the plate layout and the detail of the geometry used and also permits calculation using continuous and spot weldings.

PCOIL heat Recovery Vaporizers Design

With UNILAB PCOIL and its heat transfer results, even niche calculations like heat recovery vaporizers can be easily achieved.

PCOIL is the software that UNILAB recommends for any kind of heat exchangers used as recuperators, suitable for the design, rating and selection of exchangers in 5 modalities: heating, cooling, direct expansion, condensing and steam. It makes project management much easier and more intuitive: you can correct the calculations with experimental data using pre-determined factors and also change the unit of measurement (Technical, S.I., Imperial and Customized).

Why would you prefer UNILAB PCOIL?

Because, by using PCOIL, you can manage steam exchangers built with special pillow plates known as “pillow plate heat exchangers” used specifically as heat recuperators, in a detailed and complete way, helping you to develop your product range. The calculation can be done for any kind of fluid both inside and outside the plates. Thanks to our great  thermophysics library selection, you can choose elements from an extensive archive, with the added option of adding new fluids and mixtures. There’s no limitation on the number of passages in the plate and the automatic calculation of nozzles is another interesting application included in PCOIL.


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