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Unilab PCOIL

UNILAB PCOIL is the Unilab continuous (Steady State) software to design and verify Pillow Plate Banks. PCOIL is divided by applications types in several calculation modalities.
With its wide array of calculation modes, PCOIL allows Energy Recovery calculations, ranging from applications with gas external to the pillow bank, to steam that condenses, to vaporizers using exhaust gas to createsteam. The Falling Film Chiller module, fluid-fluid or DX, uses specific conduction equations allowingto calculate the film thickness as a function of flow rate, size and distribution on the plates, and asa function of this thickness, to calculate the heat transfer coefficient. Air heaters, used for examplein seed heating, and Air Coolers applications, complete the Pcoil module.

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Available modules


Energy Recovery

Gas To Fluid: it is a single-phase to single-phase application. We have gas on the outside, which can be air or fumes, and another fluid on the inside.
Steam Condenser: as the application suggests, we have steam that condenses.
Exhaust Gas Water/Steam: vaporizers using exhaust gas to create steam.

Falling Film Chiller

Falling Film Chiller Cooling: In this case, on one side we have water to be cooled, while on the other side we have a fluid, i.e.glycol water, which comes from other processes.
Falling Film Chiller Evaporating: this is a direct expansion application, so we have refrigerant.

Air Heater

As the word itself implies, an air heater is used to heat air. This type of exchanger is mainly used in seed heating. It consists of heating air using either steam (Air Heater Steam) or Oil (Air Heater Oil).

Air Cooler

Cooling: in this case, fluid inside the pillow is cooled down using air outside.
Condensing: in this case, a refrigerant inside the pillow condenses, using air outside.air outside

What’s New?


Currently, our PILLOW SUITE, like all UNILAB Software, has a wide library of fluids.

All PILLOW SUITE software use the library REFPROP of NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology). It comprises the thermodynamic and thermophysical properties of more than 300 liquids & gases, and 12 mixtures of liquids, including the newest refrigerants like R1234ze, R1234yf, R449A, a wide variety of Oils and many more. 

Our calculation models are supported by almost 35 years of research & expertise.
Ready-made projects are available in each mode, to help the user perform the calculation. The equations of PILLOW SUITE are among the most modern from the point of view of literature publications. Through calculation factors, thesoftware gives the possibility to the user to align the theoretical result with his experimental data.

Discover our Pillow suite

Pillow Suite is Unilab’s software solution for Continuous (or Steady State) and Batch Applications using Pillow Plate Heat Exchangers. The continuous App contains PCOIL, our software for Pillow Plate Banks, divided by applications types in several calculation modalities. Batch applications include
BMC Tank, for the calculation of bulk milk cooler tanks using PPHEs, and
Unilab Pillow, for the design of PPHEs inside a circular or rectangular tank.



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