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UNILAB SMART-AIR is a software aimed at generating offers of Air Handling Units.

The SELECTION Module allows the user to select the correct size according to the air flow and face velocity, to select the components (coils, filters, fans, etc.), to provide the gross price, dimensions and weight, and to produce a commercial offer in a few minutes; 

One (1) technical license allows 3 simultaneous users & includes an ARCHIVE MANAGEMENT, enabling the user to indipendently insert, manage, add, delete & modify all components, series and data, with a user-friendly interface. The license includes: 

  • 2D option: This module allows you to add to the printout the 2D representation of the Air Handling Unit, and also to export it in compatible AutoCad formats, modify it and reimport your custom drawing!
  • Multi-language printouts: currently available the following languages: English, Italian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian, Chinese.
  • ERP : Verify if your unit is ERP compliant with this additional module, which allows you to immediately check if your unit is ERP compliant, and if not, provides precise and targeted advice on which components to change to fit the parameters. 
  • One year of Virtual Machine for test in real time!


  • OUT OF RANGE Module: allows the creation of offers of units out of the standard range and catalogue, inserting the coils’ and unit’s frontal dimensions which are defined at that moment.
  • VIEW 3: produces a schematic drawing in 3D and the documentation (DWG, DXF, STL, STEP formats etc., a cut list of tamponages, profiles and panels). The software provides technical drawings of profiles, omega, panels, blankings and the basement according to the real conditions. The program considers drawings related to the elements of the sections such as sketches.
  • Rendering 3D units: This module allows you to add to the printout the 3D representation of the Air Handling Unit.
  • Special Technical Support for Eurovent Certification + compliant printouts: Our customers who have applied have achieved certification using our SMART-AIR software, which complies with EUROVENT pre-requirements. Unilab provides on demand the optional service in order to help customers obtain EUROVENT certification on AHUs. Please note Unilab is not involved in the bureaucratic procedures of AHRI Certification. 
  • Bundle of commercial licenses for the sales department, agents, distributors and more! 


UNILAB SMART-AIR is the only software to feature pre-composed units, configuration layouts with sections already equipped with pre-associated reference components, regardless of the air flow. The pre-composed units are essential for fast rough estimates. Immediately provide an estimated price to the customer over the phone, without the need to calculate the machine. We have made the estimate even more precise, ensuring even greater accuracy in the price communicated to the customer before and after calculation. The customer can rest easy knowing what to spend in advance. And you can estimate the price even faster. It is also possible to compose the unit and then save it as a pre-composed unit.

With Smart-Air, you can also produce a detailed Excel sheet with weights and prices for each size in the series, that refers to the default components of each size: this tool is useful for checking prices and weights of a machine in the catalog. Once the analysis has been refined, the user will be able to better organize his purchasing office, because he will have a complete shopping list of the entire series and will be able to understand how much and which components to purchase to produce the entire series. Knowing the amount of the total order of a specific component for a whole range of machines, the purchasing department can request a certain discount from that component’s supplier. It is also possible to see where exactly the costs affect the total production!


Already available the following DLLs: Nicotra, Comefri, Yilida, Soler & Palau, Kruger, Fläkt Woods (centrifugal fan), Nicotra, Yilida, Ziehl Abegg, Ebm-Papst, Fläkt Woods (plug fan), Hoval (Enventus), Klingerburg, Heatex and Recuperator (cross plate heat), Hoval (Enventus), Dry/Bryair, and Recuperator (rotative heat recovery) ERI (counterflow plate heat exchanger), Fisair (pad humidifiers). It is possible to add DLLs on request at an additional cost, after appropriate compatibility tests between UNILAB SMART-AIR and the DLL. But wait! There’s more. Our DLL of Coils, for finned pack heat exchangers’ thermodynamic calculation: the most accurate, reliable and sought-after on the market. You can find it only in Smart-Air, and it’s at the software’s core! 

Why would you prefer Unilab’s SMART-AIR?

Firstly, because SMART-AIR software is very user-friendly, thanks to its autonomous management, through a series of fast-moving steps, allowing selection completion to be achieved. This software can be used both as a technical design tool to build a new unit or as a commercial tool to give to agents who need to provide multiple quotations in a short space of time. It also enables technical users to input fan and components data quickly and easily!

Design Air Handling Units with focus on total cost

By using our SMART-AIR you can monitor all variables relating to costs: you can calculate the cost, price and weight of an air handling unit accurately. Thanks to SMART-AIR it’s also possible to estimate the labour cost.


VIEW3 is the right solution for companies wishing to improve the efficiency of their Project Dept.: in two steps the user can create an air handling unit and evaluate whether the unit fully satisfies their requirements. This application is very simple and intuitive: it allows the creation of the scheme of the unit, the calculation and selection of all necessary components and, if required, a 3D view of the unit.

Certify your products using SMART-AIR software

Our software complies with EUROVENT pre-requirements and our customers who have applied, have achieved certification using our SMART-AIR software!

Some of the 60+ customers who achieved certification using our AHU software!



Trusted by more than 400 customers in over 65 countries.

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