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Select and quote Air Handling Units. With the best engine ever.


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Standard SELECTION of your catalog of units

The SELECTION Module allows the user to select the correct size from standard
catalogue series according to the air flow and face velocity, to select the components
(coils, filters, fans), to provide the gross price, dimensions and weight, and to produce a
commercial offer in a few minutes! The module includes:
* Automatically generated 2D drawing feature (NO need to put CAD files together!)
* Export drawings in compatible AutoCad formats,
* Initial structure loading (1 sample size)
* Multi-language STANDARD printouts (Italian, English)
* ERP module

One (1) technical license allows 3 simultaneous users & includes an ARCHIVE
MANAGEMENT, enabling the user to indipendently insert, manage, add, delete & modify all components, series and data, with a user-friendly interface. We create and load the
structure, and provide you all the tools to insert in autonomy all your units.

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The SELECTION MODULE, allows, starting from the air flow rate and the face velocity that the user wants to obtain inside the unit, to select the most suitable size among the standard series that the customer produces according to his catalog.

Each size has its own coil size, therefore the face velocity is always to be considered on the frontal surface of the coil. The software, according to the air flow and face velocity inputed, highlights the recommended size, and the user can in any case choose the preferred one. It is possible to show the whole list or, as in the image shown, two sizes above and two sizes below the identified size. Once selected the unit size, the program allows to select the profile and panel thickness and material that the user wants to use for the panel. SMART-AIR STANDARD manages both self manufactured panels or panels bought from external suppliers!

Create Sketch 2D drawings in real time

The software can generate a 2D sketch drawing with side and top view. Is it worth spending so much on a CAD draftsman? When you need to tweak dimensions, do you make him redo everything from scratch?

This is a 2D sketch drawing generated by our AHU software Smart-Air. It is created at the moment by the software, not generated from your CAD files put together. This is a huge advantage, time and money-wise. And if you need to tweak it a bit, you can export it, modify it, re-import it back. 

The 2D drawings generated by Smart-Air STANDARD are created at the moment by the software, not generated from your CAD files put together. The drawings are exportable in compatible AutoCad format. Drawings can be edit-ed using the own Cad software of the Customer and then can be reimported into SMART-AIR and can be brought to print.

2D module allows to represent in scale the air handling unit built and does not replace any CAD tool. 2D drawing shows esternal dimensions of the Air Handling Unit and is not intended as a construction drawing.


Pre-composed units

Focus of selection is to SELL, and to do it QUICKLY. Customers often ask for a rough estimate of the unit over the phone. With the pre-composed function, you can save templates of unit configurations that you can choose regardless of air flow rate, where you have already defined the location of the various components and preassociated a component that you use most often. By adding and associating for each size a predefined component, without calculating the unit, you will be able to give a rough estimate of the cost of the unit, in seconds!

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Why purchase a third-party Air Handling Units program, and then require the vendor to integrate the Unilab DLL? Our DLL for coils, the world’s most accurate and reliable DLL for calculating finned pack heat exchangers, is already inside Smart-Air, and at the heart of the program.

Third party DLLs available

Your DLL is not on the list? We can test the compatibility of the DLL with Smart-Air, and introduce it in the software. These are the DLLs that are available at no additional cost!

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Smart-Air COMPACT is the new compact AHU selection module, available on the Unilab AHU selection software Smart-Air. With the compact module, the user will create a compact unit from scratch in a few clicks, thanks to a user-friendly procedure. Set the outer box dimensions, place omegas to create the compartments, place the components inside the compartments, save and store the template in the configuration library! We first start with inserting the maximum dimension of the unit, inputing the total length and height of the outer box. We then place the omegas to create the room compartments where the components will be put. The user can drag and drop the omegas to place them in the correct position, and view the AHU from different face angles.

Then, we choose the alignment of the component within the empty space, and its typology. The component will appear in the desired room, and the user will be able to add it. Choose the room where to add the component, choose the type of component and its alignment, and add it in the empty room!

Save the scheme with a code and description. You can finally select the unit components by calculating the unit, and access all the compact unit configurations on the right part of the screen! Smart-Air COMPACT is available as a separate add-on module within our Unilab Smart-Air software!


*Custom Units production: production of AHUs that share the same design approach, the same construction technique and the same commercial machine components as the reference AHU series, but that differ from it in the absence of predefined sizes. In a custom-made AHU, the frontal dimension of the unit and the coil is specifically determined to meet the technical specifications of the job from time to time.

OUT OF RANGE allows you to create offers air handling units that are not in the standard range, putting the size of the coils and the air handling unit, which are defined at the time.

With the function CONVERT to OUT OF RANGE, you can convert a standard unit into a custom one, in a matter of seconds.

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3D Rendering is available in the SELECTION module. It turns on the 3D rendering of the units in the printout template, even in the absence of the optional module View3. 3D rendering in the printout tempalte represents the proportions from the outside of the unit and not always (not for the units with some special requirements) its internal components.


No more offers saved locally. Your salespeople can save projects, and they will be automatically sent to a folder on your server so they can be centralized and picked up later. No connection? No problem, the software keeps them in memory and loads them when you launch the program as soon as the connection is available. Requires a server to be set up by the customer. nilab sets up an application and configures Smart-Air to send the Smart-Air offer projects from the commercial version of the program to a folder in the server provided by the customer. Server costs and management are the full responsibility of the customer.

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EUROVENT: To better support its customers, Unilab offers at an additional cost a special support to the EUROVENT certification. Unilab provides technical support (step by step) to pass certification process. SMART-AIR software complies with the EUROVENT pre-requirements: for more information please refer to the document “OPERATION MANUAL” available on the website of Eurovent. In addition to the requirements of the software described by EUROVENT in paragraph “Appendix A. Selection Software Mandatory Requirements” of the above mentioned document, Unilab will support in the calibration of components such as coil in the field of thermal capacity and pressure drops, fans, the values of attenuation of sound, and heat recovery as performance reports provided by the engineers of the EUROVENT CERTIFICATION. N.B. The support to the EUROVENT certification offered by Unilab is related to the certification program “Air Handling Unit / Centrales de traitement d’air” only.

AHRI: From 2022, Unilab is offering to its customers, on request, the AHRI Support. ATTENTION: Unilab doesn’t deal with any bureaucratic issues, the support is limited to SMART-AIR software only.


The aim of Smart-Air’s View3 is to get a list of elements (materials, profiles, omega, angles, etc.) and 2D drawings needed to start the production design of the unit.

What Smart-Air’s View3 does:

  • Editing of the faces of the unit. Possibility to add and move omegas profiles, holes and portholes in each face.
  • Editing of the materials used to build the panels and the carpentry of the internal components.
  • Excel exportable list of the panels with the overall dimensions and the dimensions of the internal and external metal sheets used.
  •  2D DWG drawings of the internal and external metal sheets used to produce the panels
  • 2D DWG drawings of the carpentry (tamponages, frames, tanks and unit base support) of the internal components of the unit.
  • 2D DWG drawings of the views of the unit.
  • Excel exportable list of:
    o profiles, omegas with the related lengths;
    o angles with the number of pieces.
  •  Printout report with the disposition of the panels for
    each face of the boxes of the unit.
  • Summary printout report containing the main information: scheme of the unit, profiles, omegas, angles, panels list and components list.
  • Complete printout report: scheme of the unit, profiles, omega, angles, panels list and for each component the details of the tamponages, the frames, the tanks.

What Smart-Air’s View3 DOES NOT do:

  • Smart-Air’s View3 is NOT a CAD software.
  • 2D DWG drawing ready for a CNC machine.
  • A real 3D model of the ahu. The 3D showed is only a sketch of the unit.
  • Export the 3D sketch showed in a 3D modeling program like
    SolidEdge, SolidWorks, Rhinoceros, etc.

Some of the customers who achieved EUROVENT/AHRI with Unilab software!


Trusted by more than 500 customers in over 70 countries.

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