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UniSuite PHE

The Software, chosen by the best manufacturers, for the design, rating & selection of Gasketed & Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers

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Compare PHE Results

UNILAB PHE is the most accurate software for the design and rating of plate heat exchangers, both Gasketed (PHE) & Brazed Plate Heat Exchangers (BPHE)

Custom Plate Heat Exchanger Configurations

You can easily realize your own mixed design calculation, using plates of various angles of inclination, and also manage brazed and gasket types

3 Calculation Modalities for multiple Fluid Phase Changes

UNILAB PHE allows calculation in Verify, Design, and Selection, and in each one it gives the possibility of analyzing the fluid on both sides, either Fluid-fluid, Evaporation, Condensing or Steam.

UNILAB suggests the PHE software for the routine calculation of plate heat exchangers. PHE is a user-friendly interface software, with detailed printouts and logo management. All UNILAB software products have a wide thermophysics library, with the option to insert new fluids and mixtures. The fluid libraries now contain more than 140 refrigerants and 440 fluids including pure liquids, pure gases and liquid and gas mixtures.

How can PHE be useful?

PHE is the right solution because it allows the selection of the best brazed plate heat exchangers from the archive or alternatively, free calculation, suitable for designing a brand new plate. This calculation is available in many modalities: fluid-fluid, evaporation, condensation or steam. PHE can analyze 30°, 45° and 60° herringbone angles and if you work with international units of measurement or the British unit system or you would like to customize your own units, PHE lets you change from one unit of measurement to another. PHE gives you the chance to calibrate experimental data using various factors in order to match your software results.

We have a solution for your exchanger cost calculation

You can fully manage, insert, and edit the geometrical features of plates, nozzles and heat exchangers, including prices and weights. The program will accurately calculate the cost and weight of the plate heat exchanger being designed. PHE can also store a favourite list of geometries.

UNISUITE: one tool for many applications

If you design or rate either brazed heat exchangers, electrical heaters or shell & tube heat exchangers, UNISUITE is the software that simplifies these tasks. We have integrated different software for heat exchanger design calculation into a single platform: SHELL for shell and tube heat exchangers, PHE for brazed plate heat exchangers, COAX for coaxial heat exchangers and TUBE IN TUBE for tube in tube heat exchangers. UNISUITE is the best solution for companies with a variegated production range: it simplifies your work by bringing together different projects into one software.



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