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The n°1 European Software for the design, rating & selection of Shell & Tube Heat Exchangers

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SHELL is the only software in the world that allows the automated design of a new heat exchanger from zero (Design from Scratch) without the specification of any dimensional parameters!

But there’s more! Verify the heat exchanger inserting all dimensional parameters, or design one from scratch. Create your plates, save them in the archive and only specify the Shell parameters. Perform a selection using the plates you created and inserted in the archive. Create a new series of Shell & Tube heat exchangers. Save the full heat exchangers as a series in the archive. Then, perform a selection of the heat exchanger from the series created. It’s all in there!


UNILAB SHELL allows you to calculate with any geometry and tube type (smooth, radial finned, grooved).

SHELL allows you to select, rate or design exchangers in 8 different calculation typologies: fluid-fluid, evaporation inside tubes, condensing inside/outside tubes, flooded evaporators, Spray (falling film) evaporatorssteam.


TEMA printout (in accordance with TEMA regulation) is one of the many ones available. And we have included a complete automized drawing of both the plate & the full heat exchanger (in accordance to the TEMA type). You can choose to show or remove the items in the heat exchanger (shell, baffles, tubes, plate, front end, ecc). And drawings can be exported into AutoCad (STL, DWG, EMF, STEP, IGES). You can design the plan of the plate automatically with the maximum number of tubes. You can delete manually some tubes and modify some information directly on the drawing (like the tube disposition and the plate configuration) so the drawing will update automatically. Finally, you can save the modified data from the drawing to the calculation!

With UNISUITE SHELL, simply select the fluids, set the working conditions (temperatures and required capacity) and the desired tube model, and within a few seconds the software will generate a number of high-efficiency heat exchangers which achieve the required capacity.

By using SHELL you can design, rate and select your exchanger while considering 8 different calculation modalities: fluid-fluid, evaporation inside tubes, condensation inside/outside tubes, flooded evaporators, steam inside/outside tubes, Spray evaporators. All our software products have an extensive thermophysics library, with the possibility to insert new fluids and mixtures. The fluid libraries now include more than 140 refrigerants and 440 fluids from among pure liquids, pure gas and liquid or gas mixtures.

Why choosing Shell, and not other software?

Because all UNILAB software has a user-friendly interface, with detailed printouts and logo management, and unlike other programs, with SHELL you can design a brand new heat exchanger just by inserting a few pieces of information. For instance, if you need to design a brand new exchanger it’s enough to flag the “automatic” box and the software generates a new heat exchanger which conforms to TEMA Standard.

SHELL software permits the user to manage all the geometrical features, such as tubes, plates, or other heat exchangers and also modify the units of measurement. In addition, the automatic selection of nozzles is very easy to do: our software directly selects the best nozzles needed, according to the fluid pressure drops in each side of the heat exchanger.

UNISUITE: Unilab’s Unique Suite, for many applications!

If your company builds different type of heat exchangers or wishes to broaden its production range, UNISUITE is the ideal solution. To better satisfy our customers, we have integrated some other useful tools into the same UNISUITE platform: SHELL for shell and tube heat exchangers, PHE for brazed plate heat exchangers, COAX for coaxial heat exchangers and TUBE IN TUBE for tube in tube heat exchangers. Thanks to UNISUITE you may create and unify different projects using a single software.



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