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ONLINE Selection Software for CMV


FULLY ONLINE Selection & Quotation Software for manufacturers of  CONTROLLED MECHANICAL VENTILATION (VMC) systems.

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Unilab BREEZE is the innovative Unilab Online Software dedicated to Controlled Mechanical Ventilation (CMV) manufacturers. BREEZE allows A to Z quotation of the CMV system, with the possibility of use by your loyal customers and designers.

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How to select a new CMV system with BREEZE?


We first load the floorplan. Breeze allows you to set the scale, and load multiple floors of an enviroment. Add multiple rooms, choose if they are supply or return rooms, and edit their area and height. According to the room volume and the recirculation ratio, the software will calculate the Requested Air Flow (or it can be inputed manually by the user)

The Software has an intuitive guided wizard procedure that allows you to set the scale, edit rooms, place the selected CMV model, supply and return vents, pipes, and finally calculate! 

And it can be further enhanced to be easier to use by your Technical Sales and even first-time users!


After loading your floorplan and setting up the rooms, you will be able to select the correct CMV model according to the air flow rate and/or its price, adding accessories and including the selected model directly into your floorplan scheme.



After inserting your model, insert all indoor and outdoor distribution boxes, vents, grids (you can even choose their aesthetic finishing) & connect them to the unit with pipes. Breeze will calculate price and length of the pipe according to its length on the floorplan! The software takes advantage of  equations to calculate pipe pressure drops by knowing the inside diameter and length of the pipe. There is also the shape factor, which allows calculation of pipes that are not circular but square shaped, and the pressure drops of grilles and other resistive elements are also calculated.


Once all components have been connected, calculate the system to obtain its efficiency, and print a report with all parts and pricing!

ERP: Connect the Software with your ERP System (On Demand)

ARCHIVE MANAGEMENT: Access to the backend to enter units and associate them to components, grids, pipes, accessories, enter fan curves, insert flow regulator curves, edit software translations.


A FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE TOOL: Since the SELECTION software represents the company’s product range, it must be realized coherently with it: the adherence of the selection software to the needs of the sales network is in fact essential.

It is possible to elaborate the software in a substantial way, in order to make it as effective as possible for the commercial action, according to your needs and with all your accessories and unit images, and we normally do it in 3 steps:

  • Analysis of customer needs,
  • definition and issue of custom specifications (starting from standard Unilab specifications) and validation by the Customer.
  • Execution of software according to customized specifications

Allow your designers or sales to create the project: BREEZE allows your technical dept. to save time, by making your sales people create the project and provide a gross quotation of the unit: a huge time saving!

Simple and user-friendly: The online tool UI is full responsive, adapting itself graphically in an automatic way to the device with which it is displayed.

No installation or setup file: No need to install any setup! Access is immediate and does not require any download: just a browser, a username and password, and an internet connection. Update is also made easier. Once the server is updated, all users will seamlessly have the latest version.

Portability: BREEZE is usable anywhere and from any device, because it works on a browser. This makes it independent from any operating system requirement, allowing it to work on different devices, like a PC or Mac.

Easy license management: No need for license codes or serial numbers: just enter your username and password to access the software.

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