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Ensuring clean air is no longer an option..

One of the most distinctive features of mechanically controlled ventilation is that it is able to provide clean, purified air inside buildings, so as to ensure a healthy atmosphere. Especially with the pandemic, a proper air exchange and filtration is essential. A HEAT RECOVERY UNIT (HRU), also known as Controlled Mechanical Ventilation, ensures a constant change of air and the regulation of existing humidity, thus preventing the virus spreading.

In this context and with this fast paced market, price and speed of delivery are becoming key elements of competitive advantage for Cmv manufacturers. The Pandemic, with the consequent home working, has increased the need for online cloud solutions to substitute the traditional Desktop applications used in the office or in company PCs.

Selecting technically correct and reliable systems is the first step in building a successful sales relationship with the customer. Furthermore, selecting them quickly allows you to give an
extremely important service to customers, and a strong advantage to your Company.

To support the sales network in making selections as quickly and easily as possible, it becomes of crucial importance to have a tool that can be accessed from anywhere in the world, and from any device (computer, smartphone, tablet) with a web browser + username and password, allowing your sales network to face all market requests in the shortest possible time.

ONLINE Selection Software


FULLY ONLINE Selection & Quotation Software for manufacturers of HEAT RECOVERY UNITS (HRU) or CONTROLLED MECHANICAL VENTILATION systems.


Unilab BREEZE is the innovative Unilab Online Software dedicated to HRU manufacturers. BREEZE allows A to Z quotation of the HEAT RECOVERY UNIT system, with the possibility of use by your loyal customers and designers.

Load your floorplan, Set up the rooms & select the Model according to the Airflow

Insert distribution boxes, vents & pipes

Calculate and Print!

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