New Ticket Rules for Customer Care – 2021

Dear Customer,

since several years UNILAB has been using a ticket management tool called FreshDesk.

To give a greater response to our customers under contract in terms of service optimization, rapid response and quality, we have decided to channel all requests via e-mail to a dedicated area.

Therefore please note that from JUNE the 3rd, 2019, requests for support and technical assistance can be addressed to the Unilab Customer Care service only through access to the dedicated “Create New Ticket” area of our website, which can be reached at the following link:


In this area you will be able to generate the service request tickets you need: once submitted, they will be automatically taken over by the Ticket management portal of Unilab Customer Care Service. In filling in the Ticket generation form, we invite you to:

    • Provide a detailed description of the problem encountered to such an extent as to allow Unilab technicians to reproduce the error notified. The reproducibility of the error is a required condition for the resolution of the reported issues.
    • Provide all the information necessary to grant the correct level of priority to the ticket generated on the basis of the impact of the reported malfunction.
    • Attach screenshots to the report in such number and resolution as to allow Unilab technicians to recognize the conditions under which the malfunction occurred and to read, if necessary, the contents of the error/warning report window that appeared on the Customer’s monitor when the malfunction occurred.
    • Enclose a copy of the project file during processing of which the fault reported to the customer service occurred.

Please note that the e-mail addresses currently used by Customer Care service to receive e-mail messages will no longer be active starting from next June the 3rd and that, therefore, any reports and requests for assistance that may be incorrectly addressed to these addresses will no longer be taken into charge.

Unilab Customer Care service is as usual at your disposal, so do not hesitate to contact us if you need our support.

Best regards.